Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What size are miniature bottles of alcoholic drinks?

A: As a rule of thumb, these are normally 12 cm high X 3.5 cm wide. Although there may be exceptions to this rule.

Q. What are the miniature bottles made of ?

A: Miniature bottles are either made of glass or PET (plastic) bottles. Please read the description given to a individual bottle.

Q. What is the content?

A: The content is normally 5cl / 50ml of spirits or liqueurs. This is the equivalent of the double measure found served in pubs. So please drink responsibly!

Q. How long do you take to fulfil and deliver an order?

A1: Brand (off the shelf) Miniatures:
  • Spirits/ Liqueurs - 3 to 5 working days
  • A2:. Personalised Miniatures:
  • 10 working days

  • Q. My wedding is in sometime away from now, should I order now?

    A: You can save disappointment should our order books be full at peak times. This means that you have fewer things to worry about with regards to the big event.

  • Also you can save money by avoiding the inevitable budget and inflation price rises.
  • In these circumstances you can secure your miniatures at today's prices, and we can put your order details in our diary for delivery 21 days prior to the event.

  • Q. What is the minimum order I can order?

  • A1: Brand (off the shelf) Miniatures - no minimum number, but total order must be over £20.00
  • A2: Personalised Miniatures - 12 miniature bottles of any one spirit, e.g. 12 of whisky, 12 of vodka, etc.

  • Q. Can I have a mixture of label designs on personalised miniatures?

    A: You can have one design per 12 bottles ordered.

    Q. Can I have a special photograph inserted into my label design?

    A: We are more than happy to insert your own image.

  • We have most venue, family crests, and tartans on file.
  • Failing this, you can either E-mail us the image as an attachment, or post to us the photo for scanning.

  • Q. Can I see the labels prior to them being printed?

    A: We send a label proof, within 48 working hours, via E-mail, prior to printing for your approval.

    Q. Can I have a label design of my own, rather than use the suggested design templates illustrated on your web site?

    A: We are happy to use your own design, which can be uploaded via our online facility.

    Q. Does it say on the label the type of drink in the bottle?

    A: The label will reflect the contents of the bottle, i.e. "Specially Selected Whisky".

    Q. What brands do you supply for the personalised miniatures?

    A: We are unable to advertise which brand we use. But be assured we only use the best content from the finest distilleries.

    Q. What methods of payment do you offer?

    A: You can pay by credit/ debit card via Braintree (a PayPal company) or Paypal payment services.

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