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About Just A Glass

We are a small family run business, established in Scotland, in 1989, initially as an offshoot of J. A. Glass of Dysart, but now under the umbrella of William Crane and Son Ltd, with offices in Fife and warehouse premises in Lanarkshire, from where we distribute miniature bottles of whisky, spirits & liqueurs to the trade and general public throughout the UK. We are proud to supply only the best quality alcoholic miniatures at the most competitive online prices, with our no quibble refund policy if not completely satisfied!

In addition, my son Graham, together with friends, now operate a very successful online whisky auction site, Just Whisky, where you will find every month a huge choice of full size bottles of collectable whiskies and miniatures to bid on.

Just A Glass are determined to offer only the finest quality miniature drinks, at the keenest prices online, to our existing and new customers, who trust us to maintain the service they rely upon.

We are happy to respond to any enquiries relating to our miniature alcohol bottles and the services we offer.

About Alcohol Miniatures

Alcohol miniatures are small, mini-bar size bottles of alcoholic drinks, spirits, liqueurs and whiskies, sometimes called nips, shots, and shooters, and known elsewhere as airline or airplane alcohol bottles or travel-sized bottles. They started life as samplers, given by distillery representatives to retailers for them to sample and test the taste, and thereby promoting the sale of distilliers' full size bottles. But they quickly became an industry in their own right, catering for collectors, and wedding couples for bridal favours. Increasingly, we have found that marketing companies have found miniature bottles of alcohol a great corporate gift idea to promote their products; especially when a personalised label is added; which can be customised to include their marketing message and company logo.

Interestedly miniatures became very popular in America, where due to certain state laws full size bottles of liquor could not be sold over the counter to the general public for fear of drunkenness due excess alcohol consumption.

Miniatures are normally produced in 5cl/ 50ml bottles, either in glass or plastic, although occasionally in 2cl/ 20ml, and contain various liquor, whisky (whiskey), brandy, vodka, rum, port, gin to name just a few. The most popular of these, by far, are Scotch whisky miniatures, either blends or single malts; and rightly so, as the Scotch whisky industry produces the very best whisky anywhere in the world, and continues to innovate with the introduction of new distilleries who offer consumers every increasing varieties to choose from.

Alcohol miniatures produced in PET (plastic) are ideal for those who need to comply with health and safety rules and laws at party events, and are easily stored and safely transported to corporate venues.

Please note that you cannot buy alcohol miniatures in the UK, unless you are at least 18 years old.

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