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Absolut Blue Miniature Vodka 5cl Bottle

Absolut Blue plain vodka is made from natural ingredients and contains no added sugar to ensure perfect purity. This excellent Swedish vodka has a...more info
Absolut Blue Vodka Miniatures (12 PACK)Absolut Blue Vodka Miniatures (12 PACK)

Absolut Blue Vodka Miniatures (12 PACK)

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Absolut Blue vodka is pure natural spirit made from the best natural ingredients, with no added sugar; which gives this vodka its purity. Very...more info

Absolut Citron Miniature Vodka 5cl Bottle

This Absolut Citron Swedish vodka has the smooth and mellow flavour of Absolut Vodka combined with a fresh crisp lemon and lime character and a...more info

Absolut Raspberri Miniature Vodka 5cl Bottle

This Absolut raspberri vodka has the smooth and mellow flavour of Absolut Swedish vodka combined with a rich, intense mix of fresh, ripe raspberries....more info

Belvedere Miniature Vodka 5cl Bottle

Belvedere vodka is a Polish premium vodka made from 100% polish rye, and distilled 4 times giving its subtle sweetness and smooth, clean...more info

Ciroc Original Miniature Vodka 5cl Bottle

Nose – The vodka is full of fresh fruit notes and citrus aromas. It is also very refined. Palate – Exceptionally smooth on the palate. There are...more info

Finlandia Premium Miniature Vodka 5cl Bottle

This fantastic vodka from Finland is one of the purest vodkas you can buy. This purity is achieved with the use of pure glacial spring water, finest...more info

Grey Goose Miniature Vodka 5cl Bottle

Grey Goose vodka miniatures, distilled using a traditional five step method, in the Cognac region of France to produce the perfect premium vodka with...more info

Ketel Miniature Vodka 5cl Bottle

Ketel One Vodka miniatures, distilled in small batches from 100% wheat, in a copper still then filtered over charcoal. Units of alcohol 2 Strength...more info

Lakes The One Miniature Vodka 5cl

Full-bodied and ultra-smooth with hints of wheat.   Region England Size 5cl Distillery Lakes Distillery Packaging Untubed Bottle...more info

Russian Standard Miniature Vodka 5cl Bottle

Russian Standard vodka miniatures is a superbly smooth vodka with a pure taste. Units of alcohol 2 Strength 40% abv Content: 5cl / 50ml Bottle: Glass...more info

Smirnoff Miniature Vodka 5cl Bottle

Smirnoff red label vodka is the worlds number one selling premium vodka, created by a unique process of three distillations and ten stages of...more info

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