Glen Moray Heritage Tasting Collection 5cl Gift Pack

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Glen Moray Heritage Tasting Collection 5cl Gift Pack


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Glen Moray Heritage Tasting Collection 5cl Gift Pack

The Glen Moray Distillery have been producing single malt whisky since the 19th Century in Elgin, the capital of Speyside, Scotland’s most famous whisky region. This pack contains 4 of their Heritage Expressions:-

Glen Moray Classic (40%) Light, smooth and fruity, the Classic is the perfect invitation to explore the world of single malt Scotch whisky. The original taste of Glen Moray, whisky is loved throughout the world. Dsitilled in copper stills, then aged entirely in American oak casks, for a multitude of citrus and vanilla notes. Approachable and easy drinking, The Classic opens the door to discovering the rest of Glen Moray’s whiskies.

Glen Moray 10yo Fired Oak (40%) Aged firstly in American oak casks for light, vanilla tones, then finished this in heavily-charred virgin oak casks. Over 4 to 6 months, the casks took the single malt’s classic flavours to new heights, revealing a whisky of intense sweetness, spice and notes of toasty oak.

Glen Moray 12yo (40%) This single malt is entirely aged in select American oak casks, to bring its traditional Speyside character to its best. Adored by single malt fans, this smooth and fruity expression has delighted one of the industry’s biggest names. Awarding it 90/100 in his renowned Whisky Bible, global expert Jim Murray proclaimed this12 Year Old “the measuring stick by which all other malty and clean Speysiders should be tried and tasted”.

Glen Moray 15yo (40%) Set apart by its rich intensity, this15 Year Old marries two very different single malts in one outstanding dram. After spending its whole life in American oak, one of these whiskies embodied Glen Moray’s classic style. The other, aged entirely in Oloroso sherry casks from Jerez, in Spain, resounded with rich spice, then married together to create tastes of dried fruits, dark chocolate and spice, amplified by age, this Scotch whisky is a perfect treat for single malt lovers eager to discover more.

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