Gordons Gin Miniatures (12 PACK)

Gordons Gin Miniatures (12 PACK)

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Gordons Miniature Gin, 5cl, Bottles

Gordons Gin has become the benchmark of a good gin. It has a classical flavour profile with spicy hints, peppery edges, and a lemon zest. It has a lower abv than other gins at 37.5% abv, but you would never know. If you have never tried Gin, Gordons Gin is a great starting point.

Country: United Kingdom
Region: Leven, Fife
Strength: 37.5% abv
Alcohol: 1.9 units
Bottle: 5cl (50ml), PET (plastic)
Size: 11cm High (aprox)
Weight: 125 grammes per bottle

Delivery: 3 to 5 days

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