Absolut Blue Vodka Miniatures - 12 PACK

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Absolut Blue Vodka Miniatures - 12 PACK

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Absolut Blue vodka is pure natural spirit made from the best natural ingredients, with no added sugar; which gives this vodka its purity. Very neutral on the nose with just a touch of cereal aroma and a hint of alcohol. Very good mouth feel, dryish in style but with some very light hints of caramelization. Just touches of needle from the alcohol. Sweetish but rather short on the finish. I maintain that this makes one of the finest vodka tonics in the world, perhaps because the mouth feel of the vodka lends a bit more weight to the mixture that other, lighter vodkas.

Strength: ABV 40%
Alcohol: 2 units
Size: 5cl / 50ml
Packaging: Glass
Country: Sweden

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