Courvoisier \"VSOP\" Cognac Brandy Miniature 5cl Bottle

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Courvoisier "VSOP" Cognac Brandy Miniature 5cl Bottle




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Distilled from grapes specially selected from what can only be classed as the two finest and most exclusive growing regions in the Cognac area. Courvoisier VSOP carries the ‘Fine Champagne’ designation and is uniquely distilled to a higher quality.

Courvoisier VSOP offers the drinker a delicate but subtle bouquet with an excellent balance of oak and exotic fruity flavours. The aromas are subtle and harmonious, with undertones of vanilla and grilled almonds.
Strength / ABV : 40%
Size : 5cl / 50ml
Packaging : Glass
Country / Region : France / Jarnac

This miniature contains 2 units of alcohol

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