Scotch Miniatures - Blends

Bells Scotch Whisky Miniature 5cl Bottle

Bells whisky miniatures, 5cl bottle, contains some of Scotland's finest single grain whiskies and single malts, blended to create the finest Scotch... more info

Black Bottle Scotch Whisky Miniature 5cl Bottle

Black Bottle blended whisky miniature is a rich golden colour made from the finest grains and single malts. On the palate you will find a delightful. more info

Chivas Regal 12 yo Scotch Whisky Miniature 5cl Bottle

Chivas Regal 12 year old blended whisky miniature is quite simply a whisky that you can enjoy anytime, anywhere. It has a renowned smoothness, and a.. more info

Dewars "White Label" Scotch Whisky Miniature 5cl Bottle

Dewar's White Label whisky miniature is the best sellling blended scotch whisky in the USA. Nose: Honey, peach, apple and wood. Cut hay. Palate:... more info

Famous Grouse Scotch Whisky Miniature 5cl Bottle

The Famous Grouse, originated in 1896, to become Scotland's No.1 selling blended whisky, a marrying of The Macallan, Highland Park and grain whiskies. more info

Isle of Skye 8-yo Scotch Whisky Miniature 5cl Bottle

Isle of Skye 8 year old blended scotch whisky is an exceptionally smooth yet mellow whisky which contains a rather high proportion of carefully... more info

Johnnie Walker Black Label Scotch Whisky Miniature 5cl Bottle

Johnnie Walker Black Label is quite simply a blended whisky that contains some 40 different malt whiskies. Nose: Winter spice and treacle, hints of. more info

Johnnie Walker Red Label Scotch Whisky Miniature 5cl Bottle

The Johnnie Walker red label blended whisky miniature is most certainly the world’s best-selling scotch whisky. It is world renowned for both its... more info

Monkey Shoulder Scotch Whisky Miniature 5cl Bottle

Monkey Shoulder Scotch whisky miniature contain three of the speyside whisky producing regions finest malt whiskies are selected and allowed to... more info

Pig's Nose Scotch Whisky Miniature 5cl Bottle

Pigs Nose is a high quality whisky that has been blended by Richard Patterson, Scotland's only third generation Master Blender. The backbone of this.. more info

Robert Burns Scotch Whisky Miniature 5cl Bottle

Robert Burns Scotch whisky miniature is produced from Arran's blended whisky is the only one endorsed by The Robert Burns World Federation. Light... more info

Sheep Dip Scotch Whisky Miniature 5cl Bottle

Jim Murray describes Sheep Dip in his 2006 Whisky Bible as "Young and sprightly like a new-born lamb, this enjoys a fresh, mouthwatering grassy.. more info

Miniature 5cl Scotch Whisky Blends for Sale UK

Our online shop offers a fine range of the best Scotch whisky blends in miniature 5cl/ 50ml bottles for sale at low UK prices. Ideal for party gifts!

What are Scotch whisky blends?

Typically the meaning is used to describe the blending of various whiskies to give a distinctive taste to a particular brand; an art that takes many years of experience to master. Miniature Scotch whisky blends tend to be cheaper due primarily to the absence of age statements. However, there are exceptions to this rule of thumb, as age statements are given to some premium brands. The whiskies, irrespective of whether it is a blended whisky miniature or single malt, must be a least three years and three days old to be called Scotch. more

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