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Sweet Potato Vodka 5cl Miniature

Sweet Potato Vodka 5cl Miniature

Sweet Potato Vodka is distilled by hand from sweet potato, grown in the USA, using copper stills and bottled into miniature, 5cl, glass bottles. ... more info
Vladivar Vodka 5cl Miniature
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Vladivar Vodka 5cl Miniature

Vladivar Vodka is a classic Russian Style plain Vodka made from the finest grain.  It is distilled three times to ensure perfect purity and then... more info

Vodka Miniatures | Big Brand Miniature Vodka @ Small Prices

Just A Glass offer miniature, 5cl, bottles of vodka for sale from a large range of vodka miniatures; including all the big brands of miniature vodka at small prices!

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