Gin Miniatures

Pickering's "Small Batch" Gin 5cl Miniature

Strength/ABV: 42% Packaging: Glass with wax topping Distillery: Summerhall distillery Country: Scotland (Edinburgh) more info
Plymouth Gin 5cl Miniature
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Plymouth Gin 5cl Miniature

Strength / ABV : 41.2% •Size - 5cl / 50ml •Packaging : Glass •Country / Region : England more info
Portobello Road "No.171" Gin 5cl Miniature
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Portobello Road "No.171" Gin 5cl Miniature

Nose – Hot white pepper and heavy berries with plenty of juniper. Palate – Well-integrated spice, again with a healthy dose of juniper. Soft... more info

Rock Rose "Navy Strength" Gin 5cl Miniature

Rock Rose Navy Strength Gin miniature contains a higher strength version of the standard Rock Rose. Juniper is the predominant botanical –... more info

Rock Rose Gin 5cl Miniature

Strength/ABV: 41.5% Packaging: Glass Distillery: Dunnet Bay Country: Scotland more info
Stirling "Battle Strength" Gin 5cl Miniature
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Stirling "Battle Strength" Gin 5cl Miniature

Inspired by the famous battle of Stirling Bridge, and part of our Folklore Collection, Battle Strength Gin sits at 55% and carries a huge hit of... more info

Stirling Gin 5cl Miniature

Stirling gin, a spirit which can be enjoyed neat over ice or equally enjoyable with a premium tonic or mixer of your choice. Add some torn basil and... more info

Tanqueray Dry London Gin 5cl Miniature

Tanqueray Dry London Miniature 5cl Gin. A blend of the purest four-times distilled spirit and hand picked selection of four classic gin botanicals.... more info

Unicorn Tears Gin Liqueur 5cl Miniature

Unicorn Tears miniature gin liqueur. A pleasingly sweet gin with a pearlescent glittery finish Nose: Juniper-driven and citrusy. Palate: Luscious... more info
Whitley Neill "Quince" Gin 5cl Miniature
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Just A Glass offer miniature gin bottles from a huge range of 5cl, gin miniatures for sale at cheap prices! View our ever-increasing selection of miniature craft, artisan, and speciality gins in small, mini-bar size bottles, which have become very popular with discerning drinkers looking to add to their gin tasting experience without the expense of buying full-size bottles. Our range of gin miniatures uses a wide variety of herbs and botanicals, the main flavour coming from the juniper berry. However, ingredients differ from brand to brand, which gives each gin its distinctive style and flavour. So check out our brand tasting notes and enjoy miniature gins at cheap prices.

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