Gin Miniatures

6 O'Clock "Damson" Gin 5cl Miniature

Made by Bramley & Gage, a small family business based on the edge of Bristol. Made the traditional way – no preservatives or colourings. A fresh,... more info

6 O'Clock Gin 5cl Miniature

The smoothness flows from the custom-built copper still with its unique double sphere head, together with the careful selection of our botanicals and... more info

6 O’clock "Brunel Edition" Gin 5cl Miniature

Nose – The Brunel Edition has a much dustier smell than the distillery’s flagship gin, with the cumin, cardamom and nutmeg in particular... more info

Aber Falls Marmalade Gin 5cl Miniature

Aber Falls Orange Marmalade Miniature Gin A refined balance of sweet and bittet orange, with stricking notes of pine flavoured juniper together hints... more info

Aber Falls Rhubarb & Ginger Gin 5cl Miniature

Aber Falls Rhubarb & Ginger Miniature Gin with subtle spices and rhubarb tart, perfectly balanced by distinctive piney juniper notes, leaving a... more info

Aber Falls Welsh Dry Gin 5cl Miniature

Aber Falls Welsh Dry Miniature Gin A finely balanced miniature gin, 5cl, with notes of juniper, liquorice, angelica, coriander; bursting with... more info

Beefeater Gin 5cl Miniature

The taste of juniper, followed by some citrus and spice, a nice clean and neat finish, leaving a faint lip tingling buzz.  Strength / ABV : 40%... more info

Belgravia Gin 5cl Miniature

Belgravia have distilled a fine collection of botanicals, 8 in all, to make a full flavoured London miniature dry gin, bottled for your pleasure. ... more info

Boe Gin Gift Pack Set 5cl Miniatures

Award Winning Boe Gin & Liqueur Gift Pack. Boe Superior Gin Notes Of Fresh Spices And Different Herbal Ingredients. Clean, Spiced And Strikingly... more info

Boe Scottish Gin 5cl Miniature

Boe Scottish Gin Boë Scottish Gin Is Lovingly Created In Small Batches Under The Watchful Eye Of Our Master Distiller, Where Rare Hand Picked... more info

Boe Violet Gin 5cl Miniature

Boë Violet Gin This Award Winning Boë Scottish Gin Is Infused With Violets To Create Boë Violet Gin. The Addition Of Violets Creates A Stylish Gin... more info
Bombay Sapphire Gin 5cl Miniature
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Bombay Sapphire Gin 5cl Miniature

Bombay Sapphire gin has a ripe citrus aroma with just a touch of juniper. It is a smooth spirit that is both light and crisp. The perfectly... more info


Miniature Gin | Cheap Prices on Gin Miniatures for Sale UK

Just A Glass offer miniature gin bottles, from a huge range of 5cl, gin miniatures for sale at cheap prices! View our ever-increasing selection of miniature craft, artisan, and speciality gins in small, mini-bar size bottles, which have become very popular with discerning drinkers looking to add to their gin tasting experience without the expense of buying full-size bottles. Our range of gin miniatures uses a wide variety of herbs and botanicals, the main flavour coming from the juniper berry. However, ingredients differ from brand to brand, which gives each gin its distinctive style and flavour. So check out our brand tasting notes and enjoy miniature gins at cheap prices.

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