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Chambord Liqueur 5cl Miniature
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Chambord Liqueur 5cl Miniature

Chambord 5cl Miniature Liqueur Nose –  Concentrated fruit syrup made with raspberry, blackberry and blueberry. More than a hint of chocolate.... more info

Cointreau Liqueur 5cl Miniature

Cointreau Miniature Liqueur is produced from the dried skin of the Curaçao orange to create this colourless, orange-flavoured liqueur. Strength: ABV... more info
Cointreau Liqueur Miniatures - 12 PACKCointreau Liqueur Miniatures - 12 PACK

Cointreau Liqueur Miniatures - 12 PACK

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A fine, colourless, orange-flavoured liqueur made from the dried skins of Curaçao oranges. Strength / ABV : 40% Size : 5cl / 50ml Packaging : Glass... more info

Disaronno Amaretto 5cl Miniature

Disaronno bottled in miniature form, an after-dinner liqueur that is the colour of rich warm gold. The nose is quite simply full of almonds, sweet... more info

Edinburgh "Elderflower" Gin Liqueur 5cl Miniature

Nose – Highly aromatic with floral aromas. Palate – Sweet but delicately so, with a hint of lemon. Finish – Lingering hints of pear, peach and... more info

Edinburgh "Plum & Vanilla" Gin Liqueur 5cl Miniature

Nose – Rich, sweet, stone fruit aromas with a hint of almonds. Palate – Bright juicy plum flavours, wrapped around a luscious mouthfeel. Finish... more info

Edinburgh "Raspberry" Gin Liqueur 5cl Miniature

Edinburgh Raspberry Miniature Gin. Perthshire Is Celebrated For Producing The Most Flavoursome Soft Fruit, And These Raspberries Come From A... more info

Edinburgh "Rhubarb & Ginger" Gin Liqueur 5cl Miniature

Edinburgh Rhubarb & Ginger Miniature Gin. A Classic Pairing, This Rhubarb & Ginger Liqueur Is Sweet And Fruity Balanced By A Delicate Warmth... more info

Edinburgh Gin "Pomegranate & Rose" Gin Liqueur 5cl Miniature

Nose – Soft floral notes, with sweetness and a light citrus finish. Palate – Candied, with juicy fruit-filled flavours and a touch of zest.... more info
Iron Duke No 1 London Brandy Liqueur 5cl Miniature
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Iron Duke No 1 London Brandy Liqueur 5cl Miniature

The Iron Duke’s No 1 London Brandy Liqueur combines a Premium French XO brandy that has been aged for 10 years in oak casks together with caramel... more info

Jules Clairon Cherry Brandy Liqueur 5cl Miniature

Jules Clairon cherry brandy 5cl miniature liqueur is produced using a traditional recipe to create a wonderful deep red colour. With rich, ripe juicy... more info

Luxardo Limoncello 5cl Miniature

Luxardo Limoncello liqueur is bright yellow in colour, it is a truly premium lemon liqueur that is created using the juice of fresh local Italian... more info


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