Miniature Gin Liqueurs

Edinburgh "Elderflower" Miniature Gin Liqueur 5cl Bottle

Nose – Highly aromatic with floral aromas. Palate – Sweet but delicately so, with a hint of lemon. Finish – Lingering hints of pear, peach and...more info

Edinburgh "Plum & Vanilla" Miniature Gin Liqueur 5cl Bottle

Nose – Rich, sweet, stone fruit aromas with a hint of almonds. Palate – Bright juicy plum flavours, wrapped around a luscious mouthfeel. Finish...more info

Edinburgh Gin "Pomegranate & Rose" Miniature Gin Liqueur 5cl

Nose – Soft floral notes, with sweetness and a light citrus finish. Palate – Candied, with juicy fruit-filled flavours and a touch of zest....more info

Unicorn Tears Miniature Gin Liqueur 5cl Bottle

Unicorn Tears miniature gin liqueur. A pleasingly sweet gin with a pearlescent glittery finish Nose: Juniper-driven and citrusy. Palate: Luscious...more info