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Whisky Miniatures | Huge Range @ Best Prices for Sale UK

Looking to buy whisky miniatures? Then you will be hard-pressed to find a better range of miniature, 5cl / 50ml, single malt Scotch and blended whisky miniatures for sale in the UK; including all the iconic bottling from Bowmore, Glenfiddich, Highland Park and famous blends such as Bell's, Grouse and Johnnie Walker and many more miniature whisky bottles at cheap prices. You are also able to buy whiskey miniatures from around the world including Irish, Welsh and North American miniature whiskies.
Whilst the quality of whisky is never in doubt, the taste differs from brand to brand, depending on whether it is a blend or a single malt, Island, Islay, Highland, Lowland, Speyside or Campbeltown whisky; each region offers various flavours to suit your individual palette. So if you want to experience the taste of various whiskies, without the expense of buying full-size bottles, then we have 5cl whisky miniatures to suit every taste and budget at cheap prices!

5cl / 50ml bottles of whisky are equivalent to a double shot. So do drink responsibly.

Please note: You must be 18 years or over to buy whisky miniatures in the UK.

For more information on whisky miniatures see our Whisky Glossary

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