Gin Miniatures

Darnley's "Original" Miniature Gin 5cl Bottle

Darnley's Original Gin Miniatures, so called after Lord Darnley's first view of Mary Queen of Scots, his future wife, at Wemyss Castle in 1565, is...more info

Darnley's "Spiced" Miniature Gin 5cl Bottle

Darnley's London Dry Spiced Gin is lovingly crafted from an old family recipe using selected berries, seeds, peels and roots and ten carefully...more info

Edinburgh "Cannonbal" Miniature Gin 5cl Bottle

Nose –Powerfully spirited and spicy on the nose. Palate –Bold juniper with a kick of pepper and piquant spice. Finish –Lingering spice with...more info

Edinburgh "Elderflower" Miniature Gin Liqueur 5cl Bottle

Nose – Highly aromatic with floral aromas. Palate – Sweet but delicately so, with a hint of lemon. Finish – Lingering hints of pear, peach and...more info

Edinburgh "Plum & Vanilla" Miniature Gin Liqueur 5cl Bottle

Nose – Rich, sweet, stone fruit aromas with a hint of almonds. Palate – Bright juicy plum flavours, wrapped around a luscious mouthfeel. Finish...more info

Edinburgh "Seaside" Miniature Gin 5cl Bottle

Edinburgh Seaside Gin miniatures, a new and very different gin, produced in a very limited edition, with seaside botanicals, herbs, and a combination...more info

Edinburgh Gin "Pomegranate & Rose" Miniature Gin Liqueur 5cl

Nose – Soft floral notes, with sweetness and a light citrus finish. Palate – Candied, with juicy fruit-filled flavours and a touch of zest....more info

Edinburgh Miniature Gin 5cl Bottle

Edinburgh Gin miniatures are distilled in a Scottish copper pot still with 8 classic botanicals, Scottish juniper, pine, heather and milk thistle and...more info
Gordons Gin Miniatures (12 PACK)Gordons Gin Miniatures (12 PACK)

Gordons Gin Miniatures (12 PACK)

£25.23  £22.71
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Gordons Miniature Gin, 5cl, Bottles Gordons Gin has become the benchmark of a good gin. It has a classical flavour profile with spicy hints, peppery...more info

Miniature Gin Bottles 5cl Drinks

Just A Glass offer miniature, 5cl, bottles of gin for sale from a large range of gin miniatures with massive discounts off High Street prices! View our ever increasing selection of miniature craft, artisan, and speciality gins in small, mini bar size bottles, which have become very popular with discerning drinkers looking to add to their gin experience at affordable prices.