Personalised Alcohol Miniatures | Clan Crest Label 12

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Personalised Alcohol Miniatures | Clan Crest Label 12

£3.25 per bottle

Minimum Order: 12
A label proof is sent, via email, on receipt of an order

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Minimum Order:
12 bottles @ £3.25 each


Min:  12
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Personalised miniature bottles of alcoholic drinks, Scotch whisky, gin, or vodka supplied with your own family's Scottish Clan Crest labels, which can be customised to include your required text and colour theme. Ideal for wedding reception drinks, a toast to the bridal couple and Scottish wedding favours, all in one unique gift idea.

  • The total price includes your chosen miniature drink and personalised label
  • The minimum order is 12 miniature bottles (no maximum)
  • The labels are made of high-quality gloss media with an easy to apply self-adhesive backing
  • To view available Clan Crests [CLICK HERE]
  • The label displayed does not change upon the submission of any text or file
  • On receipt of your order we will send you a label proof for your approval
  • The easy to apply labels are supplied separately of the bottles
  • Please allow at least 10 working days for delivery

  • Miniature Bottle: Whisky Vodka Gin
    Country of Origin: Scotland England England
    Bottle Type: Glass Glass Glass
    Size: 5cl 5cl 5cl
    Height: 12cm 12cm 12cm
    Strength/ ABV: 40% 37.5% 37.5%
    Delivery time: 10 Days 10 Days 10 days

    Personalised Alcohol Miniatures