Brandy Miniatures

Belle de Brillet Cognac Brandy Miniature 5cl Bottle

Maison Brillet, 5cl miniature, tracing its roots back to the 17th century in the Charente region, has ingeniously crafted Belle de Brillet, a French.. more info

Courvoisier "VS 3 star" Cognac Brandy Miniature 5cl Bottle

COURVOISIER VS Cognac is aged just that little bit longer to give this French Cognac its more distinctive character and a more rounded taste. A... more info

Courvoisier "VSOP" Cognac Brandy Miniature 5cl Bottle

Distilled from grapes specially selected from what can only be classed as the two finest and most exclusive growing regions in the Cognac area.... more info

Hennessy VS Cognac Brandy Miniature 5cl Bottle

Hennessy VS (Very Special) Cognac has been lovingly crafted using only the finest ingredients. Ceated by blending some 40 different 'Eaux-de-Vie... more info

Louis Royer Cognac VS Miniature 5cl Bottle

Louis Royer Cognac VS 5cl miniature is aged for a minimum of 2 years this soft and delicate cognac has plenty of fruity and vibrant flavours. ... more info

Martell VS Cognac Brandy Miniature 5cl Bottle

Martell VS (Very Special) was created around 150 years ago, it is harmonious and well balanced, rich, fruity and mellow, with a pleasing fresh and... more info

Remy Martin 1738 Cognac Brandy Miniature 5cl Bottle

Remy Martin's 1738 Accord Royal Cognac, 5cl miniature, a rich and robust Cognac. In 2014, Rémy Martin 1738 Accord Royal won Double Gold at the San... more info

Remy Martin XO Cognac Brandy Miniature 5cl Bottle

Remy Martin XO miniature cognac brandy, in a 5cl glass bottle; distilled from 85% Grande champagne eaux-de-vie, which is slowly and lovingly aged... more info

Xante Pear Cognac Brandy Liqueur Miniature 3cl Bottle

Xante, 3cl miniature Cognac brandy liqueur was conceived by Richard Heinrich, the fourth-generation artisan at Belgium's Maison Heinrich (established. more info

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