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Welcome to Just A Glass

Here you can buy alcohol miniatures online, small 5cl (mini bar size) bottles of alcoholic drinks, from our huge range of miniature spirits & liqueurs, and personalised whisky miniatures, for sale in the UK, direct to the general public, at low prices. Ideal for wedding favours (favors) or corporate party gifts! FREE delivery for orders over £100! view more


Choose from our multi-pack range of miniature alcohol bottles, liqueurs and spirit drinks, for sale at cheap prices, including all the BIG brands of mini brandy, gin, port, rum, vodka, whisky miniatures, and other small, 50 ml (airplane size), liquor beverages. These alcoholic miniatures are ideal as wedding favours, especially for men! more info


We also supply miniature bottles of alcoholic drinks with your very own label brand. Simply enter your name(s), date(s), and personal message into our template form for us to create your personalized miniature bottles, as a memento of your special day and a wedding favor, all rolled into one unique gift idea; from only £2.70 per mini bottle! more info

Drink Aware
Just A Glass promote responsible drinking! Our miniature bottles of acoholic drinks, including our personalised wedding favour bottles, maybe be small (airplane or mini bar size); but they typically contain a double, 50 ml (5 cl), spirit measure. So please drink alcoholic miniatures responsibly!