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Miniature Alcohol Bottles Wedding Favour Drinks for Sale UK

Welcome to Just A Glass

We are the UK suppliers, based in Scotland, of alcohol miniatures, from where you can buy from a huge range of miniature alcoholic drinks, spirits and liqueurs, in small, 5cl, mini bar size, bottles at low prices; including all the big brands of brandy, gin, port, vodka, and whisky miniatures. We also supply personalised labels for miniature alcohol bottles, which can be customised to suit any special occasion; a great idea for wedding favours (favors), anniversaries, engagement parties, or as promotional corporate gifts for a marketing event! more


Browse our great value range of alcoholic miniature drinks in multi-packs to find that we have something for every taste & budget: liqueurs, spirits, and other 5cl, mini bottles of liquor, including whisky miniatures, for sale at cheap prices. Our miniature alcohol bottles are perfect for mini bars, a wedding favor, parties and corporate events! more info


Looking to buy whisky miniatures at the lowest prices online? Then your search is over! We stock one of the largest collections of miniature whiskies, single malt Scotch and blends, from all the major Scottish distilleries, and "whiskey" miniatures around the world! more


Just A Glass now offer, in response to the ever increasing popularity for collectable miniature gins, an extensive selection of gin miniatures; including craft, artisan, and speciality gins for the most discerning collectors and tastes at affordable prices! Read more

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Courvoisier VSOP Exclusif Brandy Miniatures (12 PACK)
£34.96 Ex VAT
Save: 20% off
Vladivar Vodka Miniatures (12 PACK)
£16.16 Ex VAT
Save: 20% off
Captain Morgan's 1680 Rum Miniatures (12 PACK)
£20.08 Ex VAT
Save: 20% off
Taylors Late Vintage Port Miniatures (12 PACK)
£15.52 Ex VAT
Save: 20% off
Smirnoff Vodka Miniatures (12 PACK)
£18.16 Ex VAT
Save: 20% off
Bacardi Rum Miniatures (12 PACK)
£18.72 Ex VAT
Save: 20% off
Tia Maria Liqueur Miniatures (12 PACK)
£24.64 Ex VAT
Save: 20% off
Old Pulteney 12 yo Whisky Miniatures (12 PACK)
£34.32 Ex VAT
Save: 20% off
 Sold Out 
Disaronno Amaretto Miniatures (20 PACK)
£35.60 Ex VAT
Save: 20% off
Courvoisier VS (3 star) Brandy 5cl Miniatures (12 PACK)
£28.48 Ex VAT
Save: 20% off

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