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Alcohol Miniatures
Personalised Miniature Bottles
Whisky Miniatures
Alcohol Miniatures
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Miniature bottles of alcoholic drinks, spirits & liqueurs, for sale. Buy alcohol miniatures online from a large range of BIG brand, mini bar size drinks, at discount prices, including: miniature whisky, brandy, gin, port, rum, vodka, whiskey and other small bottles of alcoholic beverages. Miniature alcohol bottles are ideal for wedding favours (favors) & party gifts! FREE delivery for UK orders over £100.

Personalised Miniatures.
We also supply miniature bottles of alcohol with personalised labels; a cheap wedding favours idea, especially for men, or a personalized gift idea for a party event!

Bulk Buy alcohol miniature bottles (airplane size drinks), liqueurs, spirits and whisky miniatures with massive discounts off High Street prices.

Personalised Miniatures



Brandy Miniatures

Choose from one of finest ranges of miniature spirit drinks, 50 ml (5 cl) in the UK: Brandy miniatures (Cognac), Gin miniatures, Port miniatures, Rum miniatures, Tequila and Vodka miniatures. Our alcohol miniature bottles are perfect for wedding favours, engagement party gifts or corporate events!

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Miniature Whisky Bottles

View our large selection of miniature whisky, 50 ml (mini bar size) bottles of Scotch. You can buy direct online from our range of world class brands of single malts and blends, from the five Scottish distillery regions, or Irish, Welsh and New World whiskey miniatures.

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Baileys Miniature Liqueurs

Looking for something for the ladies? Then buy online from a great selection of liqueur miniatures, including Amarula, Baileys Irish Cream, Cointreau, Disaronno, Drambuie, etc and other top quality liqueurs; a great wedding favour idea!

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Jack Daniels Miniatures

Just A Glass have a wide range of great value alcoholic miniatures for sale. Choose miniature alcohol bottles from a huge selection of spirits and liqueurs sold in bulk with BIG discounts. Ideal for wedding favours and corporate gifts!
Free Delivery on UK orders over £100.

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Personalised Miniature Bottles

Personalised miniatures, small alcoholic drinks with your own bottle labels; personalised for wedding favours, or as a corporate gift idea!.

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Personalised Labels

We can personalise your wedding favour bottle labels to include; your name/s, date and any image; a wedding favour idea for men, from only £2.50 per miniature bottle.

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Miniature Wine Bottles

Small wine bottles are ideal for customers who want to drink high quality wines with no corked, spoiled wine or wastage. A single serve quarter size (18.75 cl) mini bottle provides one standard glass of wine.

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Whisky Gift Sets

Miniature whisky bottles in attractive gift sets and packs. Check out 'A Taste of Islay' gift pack, this allows customers to sample three Scottish Islay whiskies; Finlaggan, Bowmore 12 yr and Laphroaig 10 yr.

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Absolut Miniatures
Bacardi Miniatures
Baileys Miniatures
Bells Whisky Miniatures
Bombay Sapphire Gin Miniatures
Bowmore Scotch Miniatures
Chivas Regal Whisky Miniatures
Courvoisier Brandy Miniatures
Dewars Whisky Miniatures
Famous Grouse Whisky Miniatures
Glenfiddich Scotch Whisky Miniatures
Glenlivet Whisky Miniatures
Gordons Gin Miniatures
Grants Whisky Miniatures
Jamesons Whiskey Miniatures
Jack Daniels Whiskey Miniatures
Johnny Walker Whisky Miniatures
Smirnoff Vodka Miniatures
Southern Comfort Miniatures

Welcome to Just A Glass ..

The leading UK supplier of alcohol miniatures; where you can find and buy online, BIG brand alcoholic beverage drinks in miniature bottles: liqueurs, small wines and spirits, including brandy, gin, port, vodka, whisky and personalised miniatures, for sale to the general public, as well as the hotel mini bar and corporate gift market. Ideal for wedding favours, and party events!

To find wedding favours for men can be especially challenging. However, for those looking for something completely different, our alcoholic miniatures offer the perfect alternative to the traditional sugar almond. So whatever your tipple, we have one of the largest ranges in the UK of miniature drinks, spirits and liqueurs, to choose from: brandy, vodka, gin, port, or whisky miniatures, single malts or the finest Scotch blends. You can add a finishing touch to your mini bottle by popping them into our lantern boxes or simply tie a coloured or Scottish tartan ribbon around the neck to match your wedding theme.

We also offer a personalised labelling service to make your wedding favour bottles even more special. These personalised miniatures are guaranteed to be well received by friends and family alike, especially the men, not just as a wedding favour (bomboniere), but as a treasured keepsake and memento of your wedding day, at very affordable prices.

Bulk Buy - Miniature Alcohol Bottles offered for sale, direct to the general public, with wholesale discounts off U.K. High Street prices, mini spirits, liqueurs and whisky miniatures, 5 cl (aeroplane size).

Alcoholic Miniatures ..
are small bottles of alcohol, sometimes called nips or shot bottles, that were originally produced as samples by the distilleries to promote their products, and contain various miniature alcoholic drinks: liqueurs, spirits and whiskies, etc. In more recent years, Scotch whisky miniatures have become very popular and collectable with tourists, who buy them as souvenirs of their time in Scotland; and now, personalised miniatures are a favourite choice for wedding couples to give them to their guests and families, as unique wedding favours and keepsakes.

Most mini bar size liquor bottles typically contain 5 cl (50 ml) of alcohol (a double pub measure), and can be made of either glass or plastic depending on the distillery which produced them and their end use. Alcohol miniature bottles made of PET (plastic), are much lighter and virtually unbreakable, much easier and cheaper to transport; thus saving on fuel costs, and therefore very popular with the airline companies. However, some BIG brand manufactures, especially those who offer the more prestigious drinks, still prefer to offer their alcoholic miniatures in traditional glass bottles, and as such are a great idea for corporate gifts.

Miniature Alcohol Bottles
can be found on aeroplanes (airlines), trains and in hotel mini-bars or other situations, where it is impractical to store large bottles of alcoholic drinks. They can be sold singly, or in gift sets and packs; which allow customers to sample the taste of these small alcoholic drinks without the expense of the normal size bottles. They can also be found in multi-packs of twelve; ideal for customers who want to buy in bulk and save money. Admittedly, these miniature beverages cost more per unit of alcohol than the standard bottles, but the manufacturing costs of bottling alcohol miniatures is just as expensive..more info

Personalised Miniatures ..
are miniature alcohol bottles of your favourite alcoholic drink with personalised labels, especially miniature whisky, brandy, gin, port, vodka and small bottles of wine. Personalised alcohol miniatures can be custom made to include your names, wedding date and special message. Choose from a large selection of label templates, including those which enable you to upload your own background image or clan crest; ideal for Scottish wedding favours, promotional corporate gifts, christening, anniversary and engagement parties, etc..more info

Delivery ..
Alcoholic Miniatures: 3 to 5 days
Personalised Miniatures: 10 to 21 working days. So please order in plenty time to save disappointment.

We deliver our miniature drinks throughout the UK mainland, including all major cities: Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness, Perth, Stirling, Carlisle, Newcastle, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, London and Birmingham. However we do not deliver internationally or overseas.
Free Delivery - Orders over £100.00

Conditions of Use ..
You must be at least 18 years of age to buy alcohol miniatures.

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Drink Aware Just A Glass promote responsible drinking. Our miniature alcohol bottles may contain small alcoholic drinks, but these 5cl (50ml) bottles are double pub measures. So please drink alcohol miniatures responsibly.
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