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    Just A Glass ..

    Great value alcoholic miniatures for sale in the U.K! Buy cheap miniature alcohol bottles online from a large range of BIG brand (mini bar size) drinks, liqueurs and spirits, at discount prices; ideal for wedding favours, anniversary party gifts, or corporate events! View our huge selection including: brandy, cognac, gin, port, rum, tequila, vodka, whisky miniatures and other small liquor beverages .. more info

    We also offer personalised miniatures; an unique wedding favor or gift idea, especially for men! Prices from only £2.25; includes your miniature bottle of alcoholic drink and personalized sticker label. Choose from over 50 label templates .. more info


Laphroaig 10 year old Whisky Miniatures (12 PACK)Laphroaig 10 year old ...54.40
43.52 Ex VAT
Save: 20% off
Old Pulteney 12 yo Whisky Miniatures (12 PACK)Old Pulteney 12 yo Whi...42.20
33.76 Ex VAT
Save: 20% off
Talisker 10 yo Single Malt Scotch Miniatures (12 PACK)Talisker 10 yo Single ...50.40
40.32 Ex VAT
Save: 20% off
Jack Daniels Whiskey Miniatures (10 PACK)Jack Daniels Whiskey M...22.50
18.00 Ex VAT
Save: 20% off
Fonseca Bin No 27 Port Miniatures (12 PACK)Fonseca Bin No 27 Port...19.80
15.84 Ex VAT
Save: 20% off
Baileys Irish Cream Miniatures (20 PACK)Baileys Irish Cream Mi...34.33
27.47 Ex VAT
Save: 20% off
Disaronno Amaretto Miniatures (20 PACK)Disaronno Amaretto Min...45.00
36.00 Ex VAT
Save: 20% off
Luxardo Sambuca Miniature (12 PACK)Luxardo Sambuca Minia...36.00
28.80 Ex VAT
Save: 20% off
Malibu Miniatures (12 PACK)Malibu Miniatures (12 ...19.80
15.76 Ex VAT
Save: 20% off
Southern Comfort Miniatures (12 PACK)Southern Comfort Minia...24.20
19.36 Ex VAT
Save: 20% off
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