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Miniature Alcohol Bottles, Small 5cl Drinks, for Sale in the UK

Buy alcohol miniatures online, from a huge range of miniature, 5cl, alcoholic (mini bar size) bottled drinks, liqueurs, spirits and whisky miniatures, for sale in the UK at great value prices; including all the big brand liquor beverages, or choose from our range of personalised miniature bottles: brandy, gin, port, vodka, & whiskies with custom made labels. Our miniature bottles of alcohol are ideal for wedding favours (favors), anniversaries, an engagement party, or as a corporate gift idea for a promotional event! Free delivery on orders over £100!

Bulk Buy - Alcohol Miniatures

Browse our great value range of miniature alcohol bottles in multi-packs to find that we have something for everyone: liqueurs, spirits, and other small, 50ml/ 5cl, aeroplane size, bottles of liquor drinks, including miniature whisky, for sale at cheap prices. Our alcoholic miniatures are perfect for mini bars, weddings, parties and corporate events! Shop Now

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Courvoisier VSOP Exclusif Brandy Miniatures (12 PACK)
£50.97  £43.33
Save: £7.65 off
Taylors Late Vintage Port Miniatures (12 PACK)
£20.77  £17.65
Save: £3.11 off
Jack Daniels Whiskey Miniatures (10 PACK)
£24.33  £20.68
Save: £3.65 off
Glenfiddich 12 yo Single Malt Scotch Miniatures (12 PACK)
£49.97  £42.47
Save: £7.50 off
Gordons Gin Miniatures (12 PACK)
£26.43  £22.47
Save: £3.96 off
Grants (William) Family Reserve Whisky Miniatures (12 PACK)
£25.43  £21.61
Save: £3.81 off
Hendrick's Gin Miniatures (12 PACK)
£58.52  £49.74
Save: £8.78 off
Highland Park 12 yo Whisky Miniatures (12 PACK)
£62.30  £52.95
Save: £9.34 off
Martell VS Cognac Brandy Miniatures, 5cl (12 PACK)
£38.63  £32.83
Save: £5.79 off
Southern Comfort Miniatures (12 PACK)
£26.43  £22.47
Save: £3.96 off
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Personalised Miniature Bottles of Alcohol

Why Buy Alcoholic Miniatures for Wedding Favours?

To find wedding favour ideas, especially for men, can be challenging. However, for those looking for something completely different, our alcohol miniatures offer the perfect alternative to the traditional sugar almond. So whatever your choice of mini drink, you will find that Just A Glass is the best place to buy miniature bottles of alcohol for sale in the UK, with one of the largest collections of miniature drinks, spirits and liqueurs, at cheap online prices, to choose from, including: brandy, vodka, gin, port, or whisky miniatures, single malts or the finest Scotch blends. We also offer a personalised labelling service to make your wedding favour bottles unique. These personalized alcohol miniatures are guaranteed to be well received by friends and family alike, not just as an alcoholic wedding favor, but as a treasured keepsake of your wedding day.