Campbeltown Loch Miniature Scotch Whisky 5cl Bottle
18 year or over

Campbeltown Loch Miniature Scotch Whisky 5cl Bottle

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Campbeltown Loch whisky miniature is a rather delightful 5 year old blended whisky.

  • Nose: Fragrant with pungent peat and sweet florals, some milk chocolate, a twinge of seaweed, and faint smoke.
  • Palate:Golden syrup and juicy fruit are slapped on the back by chili powder, with clean, sweet grain sweeping up at the end of the line. Smoke comes out over time, but overall it has a notable flavor of fresh pears, reminiscent of pear mead.
  • Finish: Grandma’s dish of hard candies, orange, and raspberry, and lemon-lime, with some old fashioned cinnamon Red Hots. Then there comes the young, green peat with some nice smokiness that stays around a good while. The end game is about oak boards freshly sawn, along with cloves and licorice.
  • Strength / ABV : 40%
  • Size : 5cl / 50ml
  • Packaging : Glass
  • Country / Region : Scotland / Campbeltown
  • This miniature contains 2 units of alcohol