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Personalised miniature bottles of alcoholic drinks supplied with your own label design, which can be uploaded via our online facility. Ideal as a corporate gift idea.

  • Your iimage should be in a graphic format, that is .jpg, .bmp or .png file.
  • You cannot upload .pdf or word documents.

  • You can choose from miniature whisky or vodka, which we always carry in stock
  • Or we can special order in gin, port, and rum for you
  • The total price includes your chosen alcohol miniature and personalised label
  • The labels are made of high-quality gloss media with an easy to apply self-adhesive backing
  • The personalised label can be customised to include your special message, name(s) and event date
  • The label displayed does not change upon the submission of any text or file
  • On receipt of your order we will send you a label proof for your approval
  • The easy to apply labels are supplied separately of the bottles
  • Please allow at least 10 working days for delivery

  • Miniature Bottle: Whisky Vodka Port Gin Rum
    Country of Origin: Scotland England Portugal England Caribbean
    Bottle Type: Glass Glass Glass Glass Glass
    Size: 5cl 5cl 5cl 5cl 5cl
    Height: 12cm 12cm 10.5cm 12cm 12cm
    Strength/ ABV: 40% 37.5% 20% 37.5% 40%
    Delivery time: 10 Days 10 Days 21 days 21 days 21 days