Wedding Favours for Men

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"Wedding favours for men are so difficult to find".

Initially, many will agree with the above statement, especially when you search for the options and ideas out there. These range from the ridiculous to the sublime. However, for those looking for a wedding favour that ticks all the boxes for men, the problem is easily resolved by giving your male guests alcoholic miniatures!

Miniature bottles of alcohol are always guaranteed to be well received, as wedding favours, by the men in your life; especially if they are personalised miniatures. Here you have a wedding drink, a keepsake and a wedding favour for men, all rolled into one miniature gift idea.

Just A Glass offer one of the largest ranges of miniature drinks, at the most affordable prices in the UK. Choose from all the most popular brands of Scotch whisky miniatures, blends and single malts, liqueurs or spirits, including vodka, brandy, gin and port.

  • You can choose from over 300 different brands of alcoholic miniatures. So whether it be cognac brandy, gin, vodka or Scotch whisky miniatures, there is a wedding favour for the men in your life here.
  • Just A Glass only offer the highest quality miniature bottles of alcohol, especially from our great range of single malt Scotch miniatures.
  • You can present them as is, or pop them into a wedding favour box, such as our lantern boxes, or simply tie a coloured ribbon around the neck of the miniature bottle.
  • Best of all you can have your miniatures personalised with your very own branded label to include the names of the bride and groom, the wedding date, and your special message. more info

So you need looked no further to find the perfect wedding favours for men.

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