Whisky Miniatures

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    Just A Glass offer whisky miniatures at discount prices. Buy miniature bottles of whisky for sale online from a large range of BIG brand drinks, 5cl (50ml), single malt Scotch and blends from all the main Scottish distillery regions, Highland, Speyside, Islay (Island), Lowland and Campbeltown including: Bowmore, Glenfiddich, Highland Park and famous blends such as Bell's, Grouse and Johnnie Walker whisky miniatures. You are also able to buy whiskey miniatures from around the world including Irish, Welsh and North American miniature whiskies.

    Miniature whisky bottles, 5cl, are ideal for whisky collectors, promotional events, or as corporate gifts and wedding favours; which incidentally we are able to personalise.Our personalised whisky miniatures are supplied by an award winning, Highland distiller, unlabelled to enable us to apply our self adhesive personalised labels; ideal as a gift idea or personalised wedding favours. You can choose for over 50 label templates, or you can design you own. These can be personalised with your name(s), date and special message ..Personalised whisky miniatures

    Whisky Miniatures
    are small bottles of "WHISKY". They typically contain 5 cl (50 ml), of Scotch, single malts or blended whiskies, (in America (USA) and Ireland the spelling is "WHISKEY"). Whisky or whiskey is distilled alcohol made from fermented grain, usually malted barley or rye; although other grains are used. Scotch whisky is aged at least three years, in wooden casks, normally oak. Some single malt whisky is matured much longer, up to thirty years in some cases; this being one of the main reasons for the extra expense of producing such rare quality drinks.

    Miniature whisky bottles can be made of either glass or plastic depending on the distillery, which produced them and their end use. Those made of PET (plastic), are much lighter and virtually unbreakable, much easier and cheaper to transport, therefore saving on fuel costs. Because of this they are very popular with the airline companies. However, some manufactures, especially those which offer the more prestigious single malt whisky brands, still prefer to offer their whisky miniatures for sale in traditional glass bottles.

    Miniature bottles of whisky can be found on planes, trains and mini-bars or in other situations, where it is impractical to store full bottles of whisky. They can be sold singly, or in gift sets; which allow customers to sample the tastes without the expense of the normal size bottles. They can also be found in multi packs of twelve; ideal for customers who want to buy in bulk and save money. Admittedly, whisky miniatures cost more per unit of alcohol than the standard bottles, but the manufacturing costs of alcohol miniatures are just as expensive.

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