Alcoholic Miniatures

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    Miniature bottles of alcoholic drinks, small 5cl bottles, with big savings off High Street prices! Choose from a large selection of alcohol miniatures, spirits and liqueurs, for all tastes and budgets, including miniature: brandy, cognac, gin, port, tequila and vodka miniatures.

    We also offer a personalised labelling service for those who wish to add something truely unique to add to their miniature alcohol bottles. These personalised labels can be edited to include your names, date and special message. You can choose from a number of category themes, wedding favours, engagement, birthday and anniversary, or you can design and upload your own personalised label..Personalised whisky miniatures

    We have split our miniature bottles of alcohol into various categories, miniature spirits, port and whsky to help you navigate through our selection. So simply click on one of the icons above to open up your choice.

    Alcohol miniatures, contain various small alcoholic spirit drinks can be found in places, where storing standard size bottles would be impractical, such as hotel mini bars and aeroplanes. These small bottles typically contain 50 ml (5 cl) of alcohol, and can be made of either glass or plastic depending on the distillery which produced them and their end use. Miniature bottles made of PET (plastic), are much lighter and virtually unbreakable, much easier and cheaper to transport, therefore saving on fuel costs, and as such are very popular with the airlines. However, some manufactures, especially those who offer the more prestigious drink brands, still prefer to offer their miniature drinks in traditional glass bottles. These small bottles are much preferred by collectors and customers who like to present them as wedding favours or corporate gifts.

    Delivery of our alcoholic miniature drinks is normally 3 working days unless a weekend gets in the way, in which case your order will arrive within 5 days.

    Please note; you must be at least 18 years of age to purchase alcoholic spirit miniatures.